Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Jewelry Room

     I admit, I'm avoiding my unfinished projects!  Yesterday, I cleaned the jewelry room instead of sewing.  Choosing cleaning over sewing means that I am really stuck with "Dysfunctional Kitty" and "Cantankerous Corners"!

Jewelry Room History

       Upstairs there is a tiny little room that has had many uses over the last 30 years.  It has been the nursery, a playroom, and Amy's studio.  Now, it is our jewelry room.  About 5 years ago, I asked Amy to design a space to be used as a dressing room and storage for our vintage jewelry (junk jewelry) collection.  The economy was taking a downward direction and I had 2 kids in college so the project had to be finished using very little money.
First, stripes were painted on the walls in tone-on-tone taupe.

Next, the built-in cupboard and woodwork were painted white.
       Amy and I have a lot of junk fermenting in the basement.  Whenever we need something, the first step is to shop in the basement.   The basement excavation yielded pieces of antique iron fencing and a cedar chest. Both got a paint- job.  Larry added hooks to the fencing to hold belts and scarves.  We keep blankets and sheets in the chest, and it gives more space for showing off stuff.

     I found a vanity at a garage sale for $50.  The owner had spilled Jean Nate' in the drawers so it took a lot of airing out!  The vanity was painted a distressed light green.  Larry had a piece of old glass in the basement which he cut to fit on the top.  I put a few antique postcards under the glass.  The chair was also a basement find.  I love how the curly-ques in the chair coordinate with the vanity hardware.

     The most expensive piece in the room is the light fixture which I bought on ebay for $125. It was the perfect size for the tiny room so I had to splurge.
The backs of the bookshelves have a product that is covered with fabric so we can pin up our jewelry for display.  We are always moving pieces around just for fun.  I do all of my ironing in the jewelry room. I have been known to wear some of the more gaudy earrings and necklaces while ironing since I don't dare wear them out of the house!
None of our jewelry is valuable.  We just like bold colors and lots of bling! 

     A mirror, floating shelves, and curtains were bought at "Wally World" for maybe another $75.00.  I think the entire room cost less than $350.

Studio/Sewing Room Update
     The dining room furniture is gone!  The walls have been painted.  Larry is refinishing antique cupboards.  I can't wait to use the space and to unveil the finished product.  My sister-in-law, Kay, is a great quilter.  She is very precise.  I have been whining at her to help me finish those darned corners.  I told her that we could even work in my new studio.  I think that she might fly up in July - yeah!

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