Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aunt Kay to the Rescue!

     I have whined sufficiently so that my sister-in-law, Kay, is flying into town to help me with those "cantankerous corners"!  Kay is what a "crazy" quilter like me needs.  We are a great team.  If it wasn't for Kay, all of my projects would be wonky and askew!
This stunning creation was a gift from Kay for my living room.  It is a "Wack and Stack" fan in Asian inspired fabrics.  The quilting is breathtaking and was done by one of Kay's  friends.
     Before, I get to my quilt, I want to tell about Aunt Kay.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a sister-in-law like mine!  Approximately, thirty years ago, Kay and I took a beginner's quilting class in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Since then, Kay has gone on to be a skilled quilter.  When she saw the new color of my living room walls, she told me that she had just finished a quilt that you look great in the room so she gave it to me!!!!!

     I have found that when  a project is nearing completion, the journey changes from a solitary activity to a group discussion with Kay, Larry, Vince, and Amy.  My pieces are usually strewn across the living room so that we can see the piece from every angle.  Visitors who stop by also get to share their ideas.  Kay and I often discuss possibilities over the phone.  Since Kay travels to all the big shows, she fills me in on the intriguing finishing techniques that she has seen.

Finishing Techniques - That's the Problem!
     So, I'm ready to finish my next big project.  For me the "finishing" part could take another year.  Here is where I am at:  I have pieced, embellished, and assembled 16 squares.  I have attached borders featuring hot pink silk brocade piping, textured navy silk, and deep navy velvet.  I am in the process of embellishing the velvet.  Now, I'm stuck.  I can't get the embellishment on the velvet to flow the way I want unless I assembled the entire top which means I have to measure and miter corners.  Aunt Kay to the rescue!
The borders are not attached at the corners.  I need to do this so I can figure out how I want to decorate the corners.

    Once I get the ribbon work and embroidery done on the borders, I still haven't decided how I want finish the edge.  I have thought about more bright colors!  I also haven't decided whether to include a verse in the embroidery on the borders.  This quilt doesn't have a name yet.  When I talk about it, I usually say, "the one with the elephant". 
This is the sketch I made to begin the borders.  I might include a verse.

     I was hoping to have this quilt finished by the end of the year.  But, maybe the end of 2012 is more likely.  Oh well...I will enjoy the journey!
Even though the heat index was well over 110 degrees, Super Rudy and Naughty Milley insisted on helping me with my photographs.  Keeping Milley off the quilt long enough to snap a picture was a problem.

Look What I Found!
  I found this darling quilt at a sale this week.  Every stitch is done by hand.  The stitches are perfectly even.  What a skilled quilter!  The fabric is like butter.  The softness melts in your hand.    There is a block with a little boy fishing out of a bucket.  Does anybody know this rhyme?  I haven't been able to identify it yet.  I have asked around no one knows it.  You might be the one to crack the mystery.  The quilt is for sale in my etsy shop.  I do have a high price on it because I really don't want to sell it!! Here is the link:



  1. First things first, are those Collies? If so...this is getting WAAAY too weird. I have a Collie also!!

    2nd...I LOVE the quilt. I would have a difficult time selling that quilt. In fact, I doubt I would sell it!! But, then, I never met a quilt I didn't like!!


  2. They are shelties - big ones. They are often mistaken for small collies. :)

  3. Wow, Wow, WOW!!! You quilt top is AMAZING and will be worth every day of time that it takes. And you Lucky Girl, to have such a wonderful "Aunt Kay" in your life. :D

  4. Kristi, I just found your blog. Your quilt is beautiful! I'm a crazy quilter from CB. Do you know of a group around here that gets together on occasion? I didn't see a contact button, so I thought I would go this route. Hope to hear from you. Connie

  5. Wow, but you have quite a bit of talent in the family. I love your quilt, and the one Kay gave you. Your helpers are pretty cute too!

  6. Love the quilt...the rhyme about the boy is "Simple Simon Went a Fishing".