Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Love My New Adventure!

     Hunting for treasure is only half of the fun.  Sharing the loot is just as fun!  It is so exciting to make a connection with people in all parts of the world.  These precious pieces that to many are junk were mined in the Nebraska or Iowa, spent time with Amy and I in Papillion, and then journeyed to exotic destinations!
     Amy and I bring home these gems.  Then, we polish and admire them until we are ready to let them go. Amy can often be heard exclaiming, "We find the coolest stuff!"
     Most of our merchandise goes to the east or west coast of the United States, but the Aussies and Canadians are great customers.  We ship to super-cities like Taipei with a population of over 2 1/2 million, or we send to tiny towns like Chewton, Australia with a population of 403.
      One day, I hope to visit these places, but for now, I am enjoying my view of the world from right here in Papillion!
      I'm clearing out the dining room so that Amy can design me a totally tricked-out studio.  I will be sharing the project in future blogs.  Yesterday, I bought an old wooden workbench out of a garage for $50.  It is going to be so great in my studio!  Hmmmmm, trading fine cherrywood furniture for a piece of junk from a garage, some might say I'm a little nuts!  Who cares!  I love it!

Crazy Kindred Spirit, Vintage Butterfly, and Perfect Moments reside in Papillion, Nebraska where the spirea are in bloom!

Lace Gloves:  Papillion to Taipei 7268 miles, 11697 km

Bakelite Buttons:  Papillion to Chewton, Australia 9256 miles, 14,896 km
Feedsack Stars:  Papillion to Otterup, Denmark 4494 miles, 7233 km
Texas Bluebonnets:  Papillion to Lucan Co. Ireland 4001 miles, 6439 km
Vintage Purse:  Papillion to Shizuoka, Japan 6146 miles, 9891 km
Chalk Sconces:  Papillion to Pousaflores, Portugal 4427 miles, 7125 km

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  1. Hi! You have amazing treasures! It sounds fun to send things to other parts of the world!!

    Deb from

    PS: Your Bridal Wreath/Spirea are BEAUTIFUL! I love their scent when they are in bloom. It takes me back to my childhood.